5 Important Things to Pay Attention to Write Article Introduction

write article introduction

You need to pay attention to five important things on how to write an article introduction correctly.

1. Opening Line

A strong introduction cannot be separated from a strong first sentence. The purpose of the first sentence is only to make readers read the next sentences. How can you master a strong opening line? You can try some tactics to make a compelling first sentence.

First things first, you can ask the reader a question. It is a super-easy way to grab the reader’s attention. You do not need to make a lot of effort to get them engaged. The readers want to know the answer so they will keep reading your article.

Next, you can also tell a story because it can light up the brain. The readers will be interested in the story so they will keep reading your article to the very end. You can also use a shocking quote or tell the reader to imagine as the very first sentence of your article. Sharing an interesting fact will also do the job pretty well.

2. Unique Voice

A unique voice is important to make the readers read your article. They do not think they need to read your article to the very end if they think that they already know things you have to say. When you want to develop a unique voice in your article introduction, you can try to share a personal fact or story. You also need to put your emotions into your story. You can also share your vision or goal. A unique voice can also be found by making a promise in your article introduction.

3. Short Introduction

People’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter. It takes only a few seconds to get bored when reading an article. They can simply move on to the next articles that look more promising. Keeping the article introduction simple is a crucial step in how to write article introduction. By keeping the introduction short, you can show respect to people’s time and attention.

4. The Word “You”

Many people want to share educational material through their articles. If you also want to write the same thing, you need to use more “you” words. Of course, you need to keep it natural when using the word “you” in your article. Using this word more will help you speak to your readers directly. You want to let your readers know that you do not write a generic article for anybody. You write it to address your readers and their situation. Since you are using “you” for readers, you can use “I” to refer to yourself. It is a great way to convey a personal feel to your article.

5. Explanation about the Article

Last but not least, you need to explain what your article is about in the article introduction. It is the most important point of introduction, after all. You must not make your readers confused after reading a few of your paragraphs because you do not apply this step on how to write article introduction properly.