6 Essential Things on How to Write a Blog Post

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How to Write a Blog Post

How to write a blog post can be more challenging, especially if you want to get more traffic and engagement to your blog post. You cannot ignore these essential things when writing a blog post.

1. Target Audience

The most important thing before writing your blog post is knowing your audience. You need to know what they are looking for from your blog post. It does not mean that you can only make a guess about your target audience’s wants and needs. Any decision must be driven by data. For this purpose, you need to do industry research, as well as competitor analysis.

2. Headlines

A compelling headline is the most important key to making your blog post read or shared. We should not judge a book by its cover just like we should not judge a blog by its title. However, when talking about a blog post, people will always judge it by its title. how to write a blog post for beginners cannot be separated from the effort to write the most clickable headlines that are SEO friendly. It is necessary to bring in more traffic to your blog post.

3. Subheadings and Shorter Paragraphs

You cannot just simply write a blog post. You also need to format it carefully. You can imagine how dreadful it will be if you have to read a blog post that only has one large paragraph. Remember, people usually just skim through your content before they finally decide to read your blog post. That is why it is recommended to break your article into several subheadings. Writing shorter paragraphs is an essential aspect of how to write a blog post. It will help readers to read your blog post easier.

4. Bullet Points

Because people usually skim your post before reading, you need to highlight the best information in your blog post. It will help the readers to decide that they will not waste their time by reading your blog post. You can also use bullet points to make it easier for the readers to skim through your blog post. It is a clear path on how to write a blog post and make money, after all.

To use bullet points efficiently, you might want to think of the bullets as a kind of mini-headlines. Since it is like headlines, the bullets will not be sentences. You just need to write clear benefits through the bullets. You also need to keep them symmetrical and avoid putting too many bullets.

5. Images

By understanding the way the human brain processes something, you can bring more benefits to your blog post. People’s brains will process visual content much faster than written content. That is why it is also important to add attractive images to your blog post to boost engagement.

6. SEO

SEO cannot be separated from how to write a blog post, but it can be pretty tricky. Some bloggers might pay attention to SEO more than the user’s experience. Of course, the user’s experience must be prioritized, but you cannot ignore SEO, as well. You need to find the balance of both.

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