Guide on How to Write a Newspaper Article that Attract Reader’s Interest

How to Write a Newspaper Article

How to write a newspaper article? Have you ever asked this question to other people or yourself? It is an intriguing question, especially if you have a job in the newspaper or homework to make an article for your school newspaper.

As you might already know, a newspaper article has a really good composition which makes everyone ready to enjoy every word and sentence. They can spend hours reading it. Best of all, it doesn’t only have a good flow. The newspaper article also can send the message and information to its reader perfectly.

Here, we have several tips that you can use to write a newspaper article. We hope these tips will give you a clear path to create the best article that you can post and share with others. More importantly, the article helps its reader to find new information you want to tell them.


There are so many steps in preparing your newspaper article. So, we decided to keep it short to make it easy to understand. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Conduct research on the topic or information that you want to share through your article,
  2. Make sure you contact the sources and second source as the supportive source to get the information that you need,
  3. Check the data or statistics that can support the information you got from the source. Make sure it is only facts and nothing else.

Write a Structured Article 

Once you finish all the preparation, you can start to put the ink on your paper. So, how to write a newspaper article with a good structure? Here are the simple steps you can use.

  • Make an interesting and attention grabber headline/title

You don’t need an exaggerated headline. However, it should have a unique sentence composition that the reader can easily remember. More importantly, the title must be able to tell the reader about what, when, and where of the topic in that article.

  • Create an interesting opening paragraph

Even though most people skim this part out, you still need to put detailed information about the topic of the article. Try to use the five W method (Who, When, Where, Why, What). You also can put the conflict in it, which attracts the reader’s interest. In short, this part should be interesting enough to make the reader stop a bit to build their curiosity before the move to the core of the newspaper article.

  • Write the core

Put detailed information at the core of the article. Make sure you put the essential information on the earlier part. Then, add some details and supportive information towards the end of the middle part of your newspaper article.

  • Closing

Do not conclude a newspaper article. You write an article to tell the news to the reader. So, use the fact about the topic at the end. Let the reader have the freedom to make an opinion and perspective about that news. That’s all that you need to know about how to write a newspaper article. Try them and expand your creativity.