How to Write a Helpful Review Article Easily

How to Write a Review Article

A review article helps the reader find more information about a product or service. It is an article for reference. This article helps them avoid scams or buying a product that doesn’t match their expectation. In the digital shopping era, a review article is essential for many people. So, do you want to write one? Here we have tips on how to write a review article.


For the opening paragraph, make sure you address the problem that the product you review could solve. It will attract the reader to read more about that product. Or, you also can write it directly, explaining that you are going to review that product.

Match it with your title. If you put the product name in the title, use the direct approach. However, if you make the title without the product’s name, like “The Best Toaster for College Student Review”, you can use the first approach for product review article.


Depending on how long your article is, you can start the content part differently. If you write 1,000 words or more, you can start the content by adding a small part about the manufacturer of that product. Write its history or achievement. For a shorter article, like 500 words, you don’t need to use the company background. Just write about the features, function, or interesting part of the product you review.

In this part, you need to write everything in detail. That is what the reader needs to know about the product. Of course, honesty is also important. That is how to write a review article correctly. Write everything honestly and express your experience, feeling, or even dissatisfaction with the product or service.

You should add the flaw of the product or service in this part to make it a balanced and objective review. The reader uses it to decide on the product or service. It is the essential part of this article. This part affects their decision before they use the product or service.

To make it easy to understand, a good review article also should have pros and cons. It is optional, but it helps the reader to find out the essence of the content. Many readers tend to jump to this part. Then, they will return to the content part to find a detailed explanation about every point in the pros and cons part.

Additional Information

Put some additional information, such as the comparison between the products with the competitor product is also necessary. You also can compare it with the product from the same manufacturer to show whether or not there is an improvement.


This part is not only the conclusion of this article. It is also the closing part of your review article. As for this part, put your opinion about the product or service. Is it good or bad? Is it worth buying or not? Then, at the end of the conclusion, add a call for action or give freedom to the reader to make the next move. That’s all you need to know about how to write a review article.