How to Write Article Titles? 4 Successful Tips to Attract Readers

How to write article titles

How to write article titles? For many beginners, not only sharing their ideas into writing pieces they think it is difficult but also making the title. Yes, although it looks simple, creating a title is quite complicated. Moreover, it is if you wish your article will attract and be read by many people.

Of course, practicing multiple times will make it perfect. But before that, make sure to consider some points below to make a good and attractive title. What are they?

1. Mastering the Topic of the Article

A good article should contain one particular topic. Then, every sentence you make is to explain the topic to make the whole article understandable and easy to read. Well, even the title is also generated from the topic basing the article.

That’s why before starting to write, make sure to master the topic well. It has some benefits for sure. The topic determination prevents you from talking about irrelevant things. Besides, of course, it helps you a lot in making the title.

2. Creating an Attractive Title

Yes, a title must be relevant to the article content as has been mentioned in the previous point. This is why you need to know the topic of your article well. But being relevant is not enough, the title must be attractive also.

When you submit a keyword on the browser’s search bar, you can get a list of articles in which their titles are mentioned in the beginning. Of course, you must choose the most attractive one among them.

So, aside from knowing how to write a good article, make sure also to know how to make your article’s title interesting. It is okay to use some clickbait techniques as long as the title is still relevant to the content.

3. Preventing Passive Voice

Generally, search engines like Google prefer active sentences to passive ones. Uniquely, it is not only for the content of the article but also the title. So, in case you want to make a title in the form of the sentence, make sure that is the active one.

Some alternatives are using titles in the form of phrases or questions. Phrases are even considered more effective and eye-catching than a full sentence. Meanwhile, a question as a title tends to make readers feel curious about the content. So, choose one of them depending on the type of articles you want to make.

4. Shorter is Better

The main function of a title is to attract the viewers so that they want to click it. Viewers mostly don’t read the title entirely but only scan them slightly. So, it is better if a title is simple to understand and readable only by seeing once. Therefore, if there are options whether to choose a short or long title, shorter is better.

To take a note, there is no exact rule that you should use a short title. Sometimes, it is okay to make it a little bit longer to cope with the main idea of the article well. Shorter is better, indeed. But it also depends on the situation for sure. This is an important key in how to write article titles.