Tips to Rewrite Article with Good and Unique Result

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tips to rewrite article

Rewrite article comes from two syllables namely Rewrite and Article. Rewrite means to rewrite and Article means content or writing. So it can be concluded that Article Rewrite is rewriting content or writing.

Please note that article rewrite or rewrite is different from copy-paste. Rewrite Articles are rewritten in their language style but in terms of discussion, ideas, themes, and topics are the same as articles taken from sources. In contrast copy-paste is an act of plagiarism without changing anything.

You can rewrite articles in two ways, namely manually and automatically with the Article Rewrite tool. However, rewriting should not be careless, it requires accuracy to avoid Copyscape (a site to check the uniqueness of content).

Tips for rewriting articles manually

Rewrite articles manually by typing by looking at the source you want to rewrite.

The tips for rewriting or Rewrite Articles manually:

  • View Article Title and Content

Keep in mind that if you rewrite other people’s articles, pay attention to the title and content, whether it is by your blog’s niche and the content to your liking.

  • Understand the content, not memorize the contents of the article

Before rewriting an article, what needs to be done is to understand the content of other people’s original articles or posts. I suggest understanding the content instead of memorizing the article. Understand the topic and string words together to make your article unique.

  • Reread and Error Correction

It is very important after rewriting articles to reread the article and start correcting the words you wrote so that visitors are comfortable reading the contents of your article.

Automatic article rewrite

While rewriting articles automatically is the opposite of the manual method, namely by using the spinner tool. Tool Spinner is a tool used to automatically rewrite an article. However, if you use the spinner tool to rewrite the article, the spun words are a little standard or less comfortable to read.

There are several types of spinner tools, namely the English spinner tool for those who rewrite Caucasian articles and the Indonesian spinner tool for rewriting Indonesian articles.

So, those of you who want 100% unique articles that pass Copyscape, articles that are easy to read and not confusing, SEO friendly articles, want to produce dozens of articles in a short time, want to create lots of articles in a relaxed way, can take advantage of an article rewriter tool.

With an article rewriter, you can now blow up your blog content, match the speed-accuracy-readability of competitors’ webs or sell articles to clients.

You can finish ordering their articles in just a few minutes, imagine if the price of 1 article of 300 words is 10.000 and you can complete an order of 100 articles in a short time then you have got a profit of 1.000.000

Time is money. Writing one article for hours is just a waste of money if you don’t get the hang of it. And, if you want to use a tool to rewrite the article tool, be wise in choosing the tool so that your articles remain quality and free of plagiarism.

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